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Specializing in maternal mental health


Individual Therapy

Life can be hard. During difficult times, no one should have to deal with life alone. We all need help, at different times, for different reasons. The only way out of these difficult times, is to move through them. Asking for help to conquer the difficult times takes courage and strength. Wellness Initiative can help. Entering therapy can be scary at times. At Wellness Initiative, we pride ourselves in being professional, yet down to earth, and as transparent as possible. We strive to serve our clients with superior care.

Individual therapy is offered for a number of issues people may experience. The first step to feeling better is connecting with the right therapist. Call or book online today to get started toward a future of wellness. We look forward to

working with you!

For individual therapy sessions, there is also the option for "Walk and Talk" sessions. These sessions occur on a nature trail that is one mile long, and allows for movement and nature therapy during individual sessions. Restrictions may apply. Inquire about Walk and Talk during your free consultation.  

Common issues clients seek treatment for: 



Past or recent trauma 

Relationship/marriage issues/infidelity 

Recent break-ups/divorce 


Substance abuse/addiction 

Low self-esteem/body image

Health issues 


Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy for New Parents

The best thing we can offer a new baby would be a healthy, happy relationship between the parents and this doesn’t happen by accident. Most couples report a decrease in marital satisfaction after having a baby. Rather than ignoring this issue, or hoping it will change as the kids get older, decide to take action, get help, and come together to form a strong and healthy foundation for your family to grow. 

General couples therapy is also offered. See below for the common issues treated at Wellness Initiative. Book your appointment online or contact us to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. 

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy Issues

New Parents

Affairs & Betrayals 

Loss of Connection & Intimacy 

Communication Problems 


Premarital Counseling

Anxious Attachment

Infertility / Fertility Issues

Blended Family



Co-parenting Issues

High Conflict Couples

Difficulty Managing Shared Crisis


Group Therapy

Motherhood Matters is a group therapy program offered at Wellness Initiative. Participation in this program generally includes both individual therapy as well as group therapy.
Motherhood can be difficult, scary, and very isolating at times. The groups offered through Motherhood Matters provide psychoeducation along with support to address a number of issues that many moms struggle with at some point in new parenthood.
Contact Wellness Initiative to inquire about a particular group. Group availability/times/dates will be updated regularly. 
*Groups are on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Groups offered:
From a pea to a pumpkin: pregnancy group
The 4th trimester: New mom group
Motherhood Matters: moms group
Mindful Mother: mindfulness meditation for mothers group
Emotion Coaching: Parenting group 
Walk and Talk: Nature therapy for moms
Welcome Baby: Psychoeducation/information group for new/expecting moms

Services: Services
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